About Us

Two years ago a number of Health Professionals, Hospital and Aged Care CEO's and Administrators asked us if there was a better way ...a better set of massage and thermal relief products from people they could rely on and who would deliver quality service and interaction. Based on their requests, Mufasa Therapeutics was formed to fill this gap and provide the service and product quality that was needed for so long.

As a result we have been specific in refining our whole approach to understanding and fulfilling individual, departmental and organisational needs and focusing on three core areas, in particular:

• Massage Machines
• Thermo Relief Hot Packs
• Sourcing & Customising New Products

If you feel like you want to do business with an organisation that is keen to understand and service your needs in the massage and thermal relief pack arena then....

Talk to us - we want to understand your special situations, problems and challenges in this arena of health and well-being!  
We focus on making sure that you have:

• A sense of involvement and control in the purchasing of the products that affect your clients and patients.

• Regular Professional contact and follow up

• Confidence - in the products and service you receive from us, at all times ... in every way.